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Hey! I'm Alicia.

I've been a Creative Director / Brand Designer / Photographer for over 12 years now, so naturally I couldn't just use my actual name when I decided to make the break from agency life and move full time into my true love, wedding photography!

Aurora Grey is my brand. Why?!

...because photographs are made with the light and the shadow...


I grew up on the Kent coast, spending most days on the beach. My dad is Greek so we're all super emotional! He won some photography awards when we were little and loved his cameras, I used to spend hours looking at them. He definitely gave me the photography spark!

I absolutely love documenting people at weddings, the emotion of the day inspires me every time
and I honestly believe it's a total honour to be able to capture those moments.

Home now is the fine city of Norwich, where I met and married my pretty awesome other half. Basically his only down side is that he's scared of ALL flying bugs. 



• Cheese is life.  *dribbles*

• I've been a veggie since I was 2, which is pretty weird in a Greek family! I Made friends with a turkey. Just before Christmas.

• I love to travel and have been lucky enough to do lots of it. I once took myself off to Peru, on my own, to climb the Inca Trail!

• I have two cats, Nala and Suzy. They are basically awesome.

• Jack Daniels and Coke is my jam. 

• I'm passionate about nature, films and all kinds of design. 

• I once spent 4 hours in the sea playing games with an octopus. 

• I love dressing up for Halloween!


So, that's me!

I guess if there is just one thing I'd like you to take away from this page, it's that I LOVE what I do, I love my couples and I love documenting their days! I feel super lucky every time an amazing couple allows me to join them on their big day and it I feel that every, single time I get booked.

I'd love to chat to you about your day, so if you're interested please do get in touch through my contact page or drop me a line at

I would love to tell your story...

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