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Mel + Dafydd ~ A hometown marquee wedding in Framingham, Suffolk

Mel and Dafydd first met when they were young, but it took many years of living their own lives and separate moves to the other side of the world for them to finally realise they were soulmates. After finally meeting once again, through mutual friends in Melbourne, they finally realised they were meant to be. After some time together, a beautiful son and a proposal, they finally made their way home. SUCH a beautifully romantic story, bound by fate. And it was an incredible privilege to be with them on their big day, a beautiful Suffolk wedding, in Mel's hometown of Framlingham, with a marquee in the grounds of the family home she grew up in and a chapel belonging to her old school, all romantically set against the backdrop of Ed Sheeren's very own, Castle on the Hill.

Here is their story...

Dress - Aurora Nicole

Dress shop - Lavender and Jude in Stradbroke, Suffolk

Florists - Triangle Nurseries

Hair - C L Lydford hair design

MUA - The Retreat in Framingham, Suffolk


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